all girls need one of these

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi everyone. I know my posts have not been a common occurrence around here. They will be soon. I have just a few days of my class left and then I will have a bit more free time.

My official 24-weeks of training began 2 weeks ago and I have not done a thing. On Monday will be week 3. I plan on getting the ball rolling. Until then, let's discuss this thing called a Go Girl. I am not sure I can describe it as well as the product page, just go here and read.

My sister and I had a big discussion about the very issue of going to the "bathroom" in the wilderness on one of our hikes. Let's just say it is not as easy for us women as it is for the men out there. After climbing the peak that day, near the end of the hike (this may be too much information) I could barely stand up after squatting because my muscles were so fatigued. Boy, I wish I had one of these for those times.

Also, this would be great for the 3 Day event, don't you think? I mean the idea of 3 days of port-o-potties make me want to stand to pee. Okay. I promise this is the last post about this subject. I have not tried this product, but I think I am going to, maybe.

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